The Gut Is the Guardian To Your Health


I am Dr. Robin Rose, a board-certified specialist in gastroenterology and internal medicine. I left my conventional medical practice and founded Terrain Health to have the freedom to think about medicine differently, and manage patient’s the way they should be treated.

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Biological Age

Bloating, Abdominal Pain, Migraines, Anxiety, Depression, Low Energy, or Sleep Challenges. We can address these conditions by identifying the root cause of your problems.


Dr. Robin Rose has a reputation as the queen of hemorrhoid banding. This procedure takes very little time and provides immense relief to hundreds of patients each year.

Hemorrhoid Help

On the day you were born, time started measuring your chronological age. The age of your DNA is how we define biological age. This number matters! Lifestyle factors including poor eating habits, acute or chronic stress, can all significantly impact our long-term health.

Terrain Health is leading the biomedical revolution in precision healthcare by providing advanced testing that targets the human gut microbiome and understanding its link to health and disease. Discovering one’s unique gut microbial blueprint and function is critical to multi-system health optimization. We are defining and developing the next generation of care that is proactive, personalized, and precise.

Precision Healthcare

Focused on Gut Microbiome

Defining and Developing the Next Generation of Care

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- K. Krishan

Are you seeing Dr. Rose? She's really good. [...] By far and away, you should see Dr. Robin Rose.

"I want you to know that Robin has been extraordinary with me. She's so professional, so compassionate, so caring and so available. I didn't really understand her at the beginning, but this experience has made me an incredibly happy member.

- H. M.

- N. Gerber

I thought I was eating very clean. I thought that I was taking a holistic approach [...]. I remember being bloated, suffering cramps. [...] Dr. Rose explained me so much so I can feel like I was healing. A lot of my pain has gone. [...] She is looking to tailor my medical care based on who I am. [...]

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